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PowerCET's exclusive shielded Ethernet crossover cable for the RPM Power Recorder

RPM power recorders are frequently deployed next to sources of strong magnetic and electric fields.  These fields can degrade communications between the technician's PC and the RPM.  This causes long data download times, and sometimes prevents the PC from linking with the RPM at all.  Using PowerCET's shielded crossover cable can make the difference between smooth operation and frustration.

You get:

One 10' shielded cat 5 crossover cable, providing enhanced noise immunity in noisy electrical environments


  • RPM standard ethernet cable
  • F-F cat 5 inline coupler (unshielded)
  • Ethernet Cat 5 crossover cable (shielding?)


Note: This is a crossover cable intended for direct connection between a PC and the RPM power recorder. If used with an ethernet hub, the hub must have an "uplink" input, permitting operation with this cable.

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