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Dranetz-BMI PowerGuide 4400 / PowerXplorer PX5
Operational Skills QuickStart Training



In this fully narrated and animated interactive course, you will learn how to...

  • Use Scope Mode and Meter Mode to rapidly identify real-time power quality problems
  • Use Automatic Setup for quick monitor installation and capture of meaningful data
  • Use Wizard Setup to build custom setups tailored to your applications
  • Record power quality events using the 4400/PX5's simultaneous capture of power quality, harmonic and energy data
  • Review the captured data on the instrument
Program Modules:

 Hardware Familiarity and Basic Operation
Real-Time Monitoring
Long-Term Monitoring
Viewing Recorded Data

Other Features:
Workbook on disk in .pdf format (cd-rom version only)
 Questions and answers at the end of each module (cd-rom version only)


CD-ROM version, Order #A-44PX5-CD 

Benefits of the Online subscription:
1) You're in a hurry and want to start learning right now..-you can!
2) You want to be able to access the training while on the road.
3) You want to be sure you have the latest info...you get updates online!

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