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    Power Quality Lightning Arrester Main Secondary

    The PQLAMS is a complete system designed to protect commercial and industrial facilities from the damaging effects of lightning.

    Main Features:

     Panel box mounting for easy installation

    60 kA of lightning discharge current by 10 x 350 us test waveform

     Suitable for 1-2-3 phase WYE or DELTA power circuits up to 400 volts common mode.

     Utilizes the patented ARC Chopping principle

     Protection of secondary power mains from damaging lightning currents on conductor cables.

     Can cope with surge voltages caused by remote strikes as well as loadings from direct lightning strikes.

         The PQLAMS lightning protection system can handle the new test waveform standard 10 x 350 microseconds, a true performance test wave form. The 350 microsecond is representative of typical lightning strikes. PQLAMS can discharge 60 kA of this waveform and survive. This waveform exceeds the energy level currently represented in the standard ANSI/IEEE, 8 x 12 microsecond waveform as defined in C62.41.
         Since the PQLAMS contains no decaying components, repeated lightning events can be shunted safely to a low impedance ground connected of 10 Ohms or less. The PQLAMS panel system is the only secondary listed arrestor available utilizing the ARC Chopping Principle. The 4 x 10 microsecond duty cycle test was performed on the PQLAMS to 10 kA. This test would destroy or quickly decay surge arrestors containing common metal oxide varistors of MOVs.

    ARC Chopping Operating Principle
         The PQLAMS enclosure systems is the first line of protection of a facility. The ARC Chopping Principle guides the lightning transient down the center of the horns to the crash plate. From the crash plate the lightning arc wraps around the outside of the horns and breaks down into smaller arcs. These smaller arcs self extinguish. In the event of the module failing, the special delay fuse will open and remove the short module from the parallel installation circuit.

         The PQLAMS enclosure system provides easy installation for all common 1-2-3 phase secondary electrical distribution panels. The PQLAMS protection system is installed after the primary circuit fusing.

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