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Experienced Provider of Technical Services

Power Quality studies:

  • Harmonic investigation
  • Wave Analysis
  • Voltage evaluation
  • Ground testing
  • Electrical power usage audits
  • Power conditioner and UPS system audits
  • Power Quality diagnostic services












Full-Service Supplier of Power Quality Systems











Company Background

MMPQ Venture was established in 2001 as a Division of Power Quality Inc. USA providing  Technical support in the power quality industry. We offer a full range of power quality services and products throughout Asia and Worldwide.

Power quality analysis a specialty

Our specialists conduct a variety of power quality surveys to analyze the customer's electrical power quality and grounding systems. From these power quality surveys, the most cost effective solution is recommended.

Focus is on system manufacturers

Power Quality Inc. specializes in power quality hardware and engineering solutions for electronic device and system manufacturers.

Power quality specifications

Power Quality Inc's extensive experience has allow us to develop standards for acceptable equipment power quality. Our power quality specialists can analyze electronic systems for sensitive areas and determine an individualized acceptable level of power quality.

Customer Service is Top Priority

Whether it's a large semiconductor manufacturing facility, or a computer on a college student's desk, we provide the same professional service and guidance. No order is too large or too small.

Power Quality Specialist Locations

Power Quality (Thailand) LTD.-- (Bangkok Office) 

Phone: 66-2-373-6340       Fax: 66-2-373-2532


Power Q. SDN BHD-- (Kuala Lumpur Malaysia)     

Phone: 60-3-766-00380        Fax: 60-3-766-00382


MMPQ Venture -- (Penang, Malaysia)                                 

Phone: +6016-410-1734         Fax: +604-646-9282 


Power Quality Inc., U.S.A.-- (Worldwide Headquarters)      

Phone:  928-344-9008         Fax:  928-344-8847

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